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Our organization is made up of five major divisions. 

Serves clients whose licenses are shown to be expired in the FCC records. Documentation required to properly re-license these clients is prepared on their behalf and submitted to the FCC prior to their license records being purged from the database. 

 Serves clients whose license requires changes due to alteration, either technical or administrative. 

Serves clients requiring assistance in preparing applications for new authorizations. 

Publication Division - Serves licensees who are required to retain a copy of Part 90. We sell an abridged version which includes a new publication with updates yearly for the five year period of their license term. 

Research Division - Serves clients requiring assistance in areas of rule interpretation, accumulation of data from FCC files, the securing of selected FCC record copies and the obtaining of informal opinions from FCC personnel in matters otherwise specifically addressed by the Commission. We have the capability of direct access to the Part 90 database which allows extraction of this data and subsequent transmittal by mail or facsimile within a short period of time.
Federal Licensing, Inc. Divisions
Part 90 Licensing Services: 
(Subject to change without prior notice)

  • Modification of an Existing License**
  • Completion of a System License**
  • Renewal of an Existing License**
  • Reinstatement of a License**
  • Completion of a New License**
  • Notification of Construction (Schedule K)**
  • ​Termination Pending Notification - Sch. K
  • Narrowbanding
$  95.00
**Additional coordination & FCC fees may apply
Federal Licensing Inc. 
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