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New Application - FAQ
Do I need a license to operate a two-way radio?
Yes, prior to operating a two-way radio, the Federal Communications Commission requires everyone to hold a valid current radio license.

How much does a license cost?
Our preparation fee of $124 covers all our fees involved with a new license application, regardless of the number of forms and or addendums that may be required.

Are there any other fees involved?
Yes, depending on your specific application, there will be an FCC fee and there may be a coordination fee. These additional fees will depend on the application and will be known and conveyed to you prior to you being charged our preparation fee. 

What do I do to get the process started?
If you want Federal Licensing to initiate the process for you please follow the “License Application” link at the bottom of this page. Once there, fill in as much information as possible and e-mail to our office. Please include fax number or email address so that when we receive this we can send you the necessary paperwork to initiate your new license.

Assistance regarding your licensing needs is always available by calling Federal Licensing, Inc. between the hours of 8am and 3:30pm EST at 888-334-9262.

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