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Why have I received this letter?
You have received this letter because you have a two-way radio license that was issued to you by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Your call sign issue date and expiration date are contained in the "License Data Sheet" that you received along with the "Modification Division Letter". Your license periodically needs to be updated or modified depending on what specific operating modifications/changes have been made. 

What does this letter mean?
This letter means that you need to review your license to make sure that you are still operating legally, within the conditions that the license was originally issued. 
FCC records indicate that the majority of licensees require modification during the ten year license grant period
Many licensees change one component or another of their radio system during the license term and unknowingly continue to operate under the same license. In this case, the licensee is in direct violation of the FCC Rules and susceptible to newly imposed FCC fines. 
FCC Policy Statement #91-217 established various fines for wrongful operation of a radio system. One such fine is $8000 per day for unlicensed/improperly licensed use of a radio system. 

What is a Modification? 
A change in the conditions of any data (administrative and technical OR technical) that has occurred to a license during the ten (10) year license term. Modifications/changes that require a filing change (Form 601) are listed in the "Modification Division Letter" above that you have received from FLI. (Eg. Change in mailing address, change in number of mobiles, etc.).

What if I have made changes? 
The FCC states that if you have made any changes to your license you are required to file a modification (Form 601) in order to keep operating under the license. In this way the license is kept current and updated. 

How can Federal Licensing help?
As a full service license preparation firm, we prepare and file thousands of modifications annually. Simply follow the directions in the "Modification Division Letter" that you received and we will start the process for you and take it through granted status with the FCC. 

What if I have made no changes? 
If you have made no changes to your license in the past five years (half way through the grant period) you don't have to do anything at this time. You can keep the Modification Letter and it can be used at a later date for any modification that may occur prior to the actual expiration of the license. You can also use it when it's time to renew your license. If being used with a renewal, please submit 90 days prior to expiration as the FCC's application approval can take up to three (3) months. 

What do I do if I want FLI to handle this Modification?
Simply follow the instructions in the "Modification Letter" or contact our office between the hours of 
8am - 3:30pm EST at (888)334-9262.

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