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Why did I receive this letter?
You have received this letter because your Two Way Radio license that was issued to you by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has expired. Your call sign, issue date and expiration date are contained in the “License Data Sheet” that you received along with the “Expiration Division Letter”. Your license was issued for a ten year period and that period has now expired.

What does this letter mean?
If your license has expired, you can no longer operate your two way radios legally until you have the license reinstated.  

What is a reinstatement?
Once your license has expired, the FCC allows for a 30 day grace period for a license to be renewed prior to the termination of the call sign and use of all radio equipment licensed under that call sign. Renewing a license during the 30- day grace period is called a license reinstatement. The 30 day period starts at the date of expiration printed on the attached license data sheet.

What do I do to get the process started?
If you want Federal Licensing to initiate the process for you please tear off the bottom portion of the data sheet and return it to our office with our preparation fee of $175. Please include your fax number or email address so that when we receive this we can send you the necessary paperwork to reinstate this license. Since we have less than 30 days to renew, time is of the essence.

Is the $175.00 a complete fee?
No, the $175 is our preparation fee only. Depending on the license, you will also be responsible for the FCC renewal fee as well as a waiver fee for filing your application late (after expiration). Once we have a chance to review the specific license, we will notify you regarding any and all additional fees. There will not be any additional fees paid to Federal Licensing. 

What happens if my license has expired and I’m already past my 30 day grace period?
The only option you have at this time is to apply for a brand new license & call sign. This is a bit more complicated and if you would like our assistance, please contact Federal Licensing Inc. between the hours of 8AM and 3:30PM Eastern Time at 888-334-9262.

Expiration Letter - FAQ