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Who is Federal Licensing Inc.?
Federal Licensing Inc. is a full service license preparation firm. We are located adjacent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Gettysburg, PA. Since 1982, we have been providing a full line of application services to the licensees of the FCC. Assistance regarding your licensing needs is always available by calling Federal Licensing, Inc. between the hours of 8AM and 3PM Eastern Time at 888-334-9262.

Being located in close proximity to the FCC Private Radio Bureau, Federal Licensing has a real advantage over our competition. We have established management and technical teams that work in a manner consistent with the FCC Rules as well as in harmony with the daily preferences of FCC personnel. This means for the past 30 years:

  • All applications have been handled on a timely basis.
  • No added mailing time delays - problem cases can be hand delivered. 
  • Questions concerning client filings can be discussed and resolved in less time than it takes other firms to even be made aware of the problem. 
  • It means accurate, complete, and prompt research results. 
  • It means a thoroughly trained staff acting on the client's behalf at the precise place and time that important FCC decisions and announcements are made.

In short, we act as licensing specialists for literally thousands of licensees throughout the country. 

Federal Licensing has built a long term reputation on staying current on all procedures and timely changes to all FCC Part 90 Rules. Our internal data systems, combined with online access to the FCC's most current data and other contracted services, assure our decisions are based on the most recent information available. This in turn allows us to do the best job possible for you, the licensing public. 

What service does Federal Licensing offer?
Federal Licensing prepares all forms of two way radio licenses to include required addendums and affiliated paperwork for submission to the Federal Communications Commission in an effort to obtain and maintain a current communications license for the end user. Licensing services revolve around New License Applications, Renewing, Modifying and re-obtaining Expired Licenses. 

Who does Federal Licensing work for?
Our market base is made up of the complete range of business - public safety, special industry, etc. In short, we work for your Police, Fire and EMS departments, your local plumbing, electrical and construction companies all the way down to the local farmer or standard individual radio operator.  Our clients range from large corporations and local municipalities to small businesses and individuals. In other words, we prepare licensing applications for each and every type of licensee, both big and small.

Why is there a need for this service? 
All two way radio license holders must maintain a current and accurate license to operate a two way radio system. The FCC requires the end user to be aware of all changes that occur in the rules -FCC  Part 90 - governs the issued radio license in question. Variables that change in the operations of the radio system must be submitted and approved by the FCC prior to making such changes. Federal Licensing  keeps the end user aware of these filing needs, and has the experience to prepare and submit these changes in a cost effective manner for the licensee. Radio license applications can be one page or up to 300 pages. Applications can require no addendum or up to 50 additional addendums. Some applications require coordination and others can be submitted to the FCC without coordination. Performing these services for over 30 years allows FLI to take responsibility for preparing a complete and accurate application and make sure that it is granted by the FCC. 

Why Federal Licensing for this service? 
FLI is the only company that has dedicated itself to the needs of the licensing public. We primarily contact the public through the mail to notify users of existing and new FCC requirements in order to keep their FCC license current. We only work directly for the licensee. After 30 years in the only business we know, we are confident that we offer a quality service at a fair price. 

Federal Licensing Inc. 
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